Just like any other marketing medium, you must understand how podcasting can add value to your business. However, podcasting has a certain uniqueness to it, based on the fact that it is still growing, hence a differentiating, medium.

Under such circumstances, podcasts are fantastic to show the ‘behind the scenes’ or to educate your audience, especially from the angle of establishing those intricate details. This usefulness of podcasting is especially true in the services sector.

Podcasting for the Services Sector

Explicitly, physical products are easy to see and feel. As a result, it is relatively easier to establish the price difference. For the services sector, things are a bit more complicated.

Therefore, services such as accountants, lawyers, IT technicians, property builders, and estate agents are just a few industries that are benefiting extensively from a podcast. Doing so also bursts the myth that they provide the same service, allowing podcasters to demonstrate why their service is superior. On the other hand, product providers are also benefiting from podcasting. However, there are certain tweaks required to get the best out of the options here.

For instance, podcasting is also key in terms of demonstrating your business culture and work ethic. On this note, here are 6 reasons why every business should consider a podcast.

1. Just Because

Not everything needs a reason, but podcasting still has a solid one.

In the digital age of business and commerce, if you are not utilising every angle to market yourself, you are missing out. In addition, as we mentioned earlier, even though there are consumers of podcasting, the market is not overly saturated and you have the potential to develop your own audience and building up from there.

2. The Personal Touch

In this day and age, when consumers are surrounded by options, no one is going to buy your services just because you are selling them.

In fact, most people will only buy from you because you are the right personality type for them, understanding their needs and showing the ability to fulfil such needs. This is where podcasting plays a vital role, showing your characteristics beyond business and allowing you to connect with your audience.

3. The Business Retention Angle

The second biggest cost for a business, after staff, is customer acquisition.

Therefore, it is important that you retain your customers, as the cost of losing your clients dissipates your hard work. And, in order to retain your customers, you must be communicating with them in more than one language.

Podcasting is a great way to keep your presence being felt at all times. You will be creating a feeling of openness and availability, while also sharing the progress going on within your business.

4. Untapped Networking Potential

This is one of the less touched angles of podcasting – networking.

As you can imagine, given that you may be able to pull guests for your podcasts, podcasting is a great way to develop your networking circle.

So, just by having that dialogue and one on one conversation, you will be able to get acquainted with your potential clients more effectively, while also showing the ability to provide the solutions that they may be looking for. 

5. Educating Your Audience

If there was an ideal time to emphasise on educating your audience, it is today.

Given the relatively lower barriers to learning and information, your audience almost expects to be treated to the highest level of education. Through a podcast, not only are you connecting with your audience but also educating them about the possibilities of tomorrow – a double win.

6. Branding 

This may be my favorite angle for podcasting – branding.

Neil Patel has the ‘Marketing School’, Hubspot has the ‘Growth Show’, Google has ‘This Week in Google’, Salesforce has ‘IT Visionaries’, Samsung has ‘What Next’, IBM is running 20+ podcasts, Intel has ‘Chip-Chat’, and Nintendo has ‘Nintendo Power’. All these brands have recognised podcasting as an extension of their branding and connecting with their audience.

And, you have the potential to do exactly that – develop your brand using podcasting.

To kickstart your podcasting efforts, get in touch with us today, and we can help you launch your podcast in the next 30 days.


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