Did you know that over 850 million people use facebook groups each month? That’s a lot of people.

I used to view Facebook as a place to post pictures of my holiday, ‘like’ images of cats, share videos and gifs with my family and friends. This was before I discovered Facebook Groups.

Being an active member of several groups has allowed me to make some incredible business connections from across the pond which in turn led to me banking my highest paying client to date and then some.

So, how can your online business benefit from having a facebook group?

Loads of ways.

While writing this blog post, I was able to come up with at least ten of them.

But to keep things super simple (KISS), I’ve gone ahead and highlighted 5 of the main reasons below.

Ready? Here goes:

1. Build a community around your brand.

One of the main reasons to start a Facebook group for your online business is to build a community of your most loyal customers around your brand.

Customers are humans and humans are social creatures.

We work in groups, we play in groups, we thrive in groups and we survive in groups.

In today’s digital world, we’re starting to see our groups and communities shift online and it’s not enough to just have a Facebook or Twitter page for your business anymore.

You want to create an environment for customers who actually care enough about your business to discuss your brand with others.

And there’s no better platform out there for this than Facebook groups.

2. Easily drive high quality, targeted traffic to your website.

One of the biggest challenges of owning an online business is getting traffic to your website.

If you own a blog or an ecommerce store you already know how difficult this is.

You’re either doing SEO, which is time consuming, or advertising which can get very expensive and can eat into your already wafer thin margins.

If you have a thriving facebook group on the other hand, traffic from your facebook group is easier to get; facebook group members get instant notification when you post in the group unlike pages.

Traffic from your group is also of high quality as members that click on your post already know, love and trust what you’re all about.

3. Increase your conversion rate.

One of the biggest frustrations with SEO and advertising is the low conversion rate that comes with it.

A major cause of this is that those who visit your site don’t trust you enough to take up your offer.

Part of building a facebook group is that you can nurture it and build relationships with group member.

When done right, nurturing a facebook group allows you to build authority and trust in your facebook group.

Getting traffic to your site becomes as simple as placing your offer in front of group members who already know, love and trust your brand which will lead to higher conversion rates.

4. Gauge demand for new products.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew if there’s demand for a product or service before you start selling it?

Think of the savings you’d make.

Spending money on inventory or R&D without first determining if there’s demand is a great way to flush money down the toilet.

By monitoring the conversations that go on in your facebook group, you can get real time insights into your customer’s challenges, joys, and opportunities for you to better serve them.

It’s also possible to directly poll your group members to find out if they’d be interested in the new product you’re thinking of introducing.

5. Provide extra support to your customers.

Using your facebook group to provide extra support for your customers is a great way to increase customer loyalty and might just get you some referral from happy customers.

By building a community that your customers want to be part of, they feel like they have a voice and would gladly and actively evangelise your brand for you.

If done right, you may never have to advertise your business again.

In Summary

And there you go. 5 reasons I believe every Digital entrepreneur should start a Facebook group for their business.

If after reading all that and you’re like, “Yea Man! I want to start a Facebook group for my online business”, then that’s super awesome!

I will be making a video really soon, showing you how to do just that and do it properly – you know, strategically.

Until then, let me know what you think in the comments below, or even better in the Facebook group.

Talk soon guys.


About the Author

Xavi is a podcast producer and specialises in producing podcasts for digital agency owners and other b2b companies.

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