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In this episode, we’re chatting with Andy Baldacci, a marketing consultant and former host of The Agency Advantage Podcast.

He works with early-stage B2B SaaS startups and helps them become successful with content marketing.

He has been working with clients using proven and tested marketing tactics to generate more leads and grow businesses.

What we talk about

01:10 How he made the transition from being a professional poker player to a marketing consultant.
01:57 He talks about how he started the Agency Advantage Podcast.
04:51 He shares some of the valuable lessons he learned from his podcast.
09:12 He identifies the biggest challenges of agency owners.
12:38 He recommends how to make your business work with a small team.
14:14 He emphasizes the importance of discovering what your clients REALLY need.
17:02 He talks about why you need to be deliberate about how you get new clients.
20:53 Andy talks about why he encourages to keep on reaching, even more, clients to work with.
23:30 He shares some tips on how you can get more, high-quality referrals.
24:46 He explains how content marketing can help you generate more leads.
26:55 He recommends developing the processes of your agency.
30:42 He also shares how he classifies all the processes he has.
32:09 And finally, he talks about what’s next for him and Agency Advantage Podcast.

Resources Mentioned

Double Your Freelancing by Brennan Dunn

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