5 Tips to Help You Create a Solid Sales Process for Your Agency

Every agency needs a sales process.

As much as referrals are awesome, you shouldn’t rely on them alone. If you’re going to grow and scale your agency, you will need to create a reliable, replicable systems for acquiring customers.

Indra Sofian and Wesley Samples stopped by in the lounge to share some tips that can help you do this.

About Our Guests

Indra and Wesley are the co-founders of Elevate Media, a content-driven creative marketing agency based in Atlanta, U.S.A.

Having met in 4th Grade, in high school, they created a YouTube channel where they made short action films, films for festivals and contests.

In their freshman year at college, they created video content for a friend’s Indiegogo campaign as a favor. The video brought in 14k in donations. This campaign helped them land other projects.

Then one day, a friend’s dad called to hire them to make video content for Coca-Cola, and that’s when thing took off.

This year, Elevate Media is projected to gross over $100k in revenue.

What we talk about

In this episode of The Agency Lounge, we talk about what a sales process is and why you need one for your agency.

Indra and Wesley also share 5 tips that can help you create a sales process that fills up your pipeline consistently. They are:

  1. Identify your ideal customer
    You can’t be all things to all people. Figure out who you serve best, and work with them and only them.
  2. Determine the best way to contact them
    How does your ideal client communicate? Find the best way to reach out to them. It might be email, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Study the landscape and test different media.
  3. Become a part of the right communities
    Your ideal customers are talking to each other. Find out where they gather, in person or on the internet. Become a trusted and respected member of those communities.
  4. Persist and be patient
    When you first start out, it’s easy to take the rejection to heart. Don’t. Most of your outreach will be met with silence and rejection. Your first email isn’t going to get a response. Your second might not. Continue to reach out. Be generous, even when you get nothing in return.
  5. Be confident about price and deliberate about how it’s introduced
    Understand the value you deliver and own your price. Make sure you start the conversation by focusing on value and results but don’t balk when your prospect asks for the price. Own your worth.

In summary

Having a sales process is crucial for getting clients through your door consistently, and these tips laid out by Indra and Wesley should help you develop a solid one for your agency.

Got a tip that can help with building a sales process? Let us know in the comments below.

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