In this video, I’m going to walk you through my super simple 5-step podcasting process that any coach can use to start their own client-generating podcast pretty quickly.

I believe starting a podcast could be one of the best things you can do for your coaching business, as it could not only help you get new clients consistently but also ensure that you never run out of ideal prospects to talk to again.

Which is critical to having a successful coaching business.

But launching a podcast the right way can be daunting and overwhelming, especially if you’re not a techie and haven’t done anything like this before.

This is why I’ve simplified the whole process into 5 simple and easy to follow steps, the same process that I use to launch podcasts for my clients, and that’s what I’ll be sharing with you in this video.

Just before we dive into it…

I just want to point out that this video is just an overview of this podcast launch process, and I’ll be glancing over each of the steps of this process so that this video doesn’t go on forever.

In future videos, I will break down each of the steps in more detail, so make sure you’re subscribed so that you don’t miss these when they come out.

So without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Step 1: Create a Podcast plan 

Before you launch your podcast, it’s super important to create a plan so that you achieve the ultimate goal of starting a podcast in the first place.

Which is to use it to get clients for your coaching business.

Failing to plan is planning to fail after all.

A podcast plan will serve as the foundation of this strategy and give you a clear direction on what you need to do to achieve this goal after you’ve launched.

Think about a podcast plan like your GPS or Satnav.

I don’t know about you, but without one of those, I’m pretty much lost when I’m driving.

Thankfully, planning your podcast isn’t difficult, you just need to do these 4 things

  1. Create what I call a tribe blueprint.
  2. Create an ultimate lead magnet.
  3. Design a podcast that your tribe will love.
  4. Create a content calendar.

At the end of this step, you should have a solid foundation for your podcast that puts you in a position to succeed with it.

Step 2: Purchase and set up podcast equipment and software

Now, there are a bunch of equipment and software you’ll need to run your podcast, and those are what you’ll be buying and setting up in step two of this process.

Some of the stuff you’ll need to get include a professional microphone, camera or email marketing software,

I’ve made a separate blog post where I cover all the equipment and software you’ll need to run your podcast and you can check it out in the link in the description if you’d like to learn more about this.

Step 3: Brand your podcast

Branding is super important in podcasting.

It helps your podcast stand out from the competition and make your show look very professional, which could be very helpful when it’s time to attract sponsors to your show.

And there are a couple of ways to brand your podcast, from creating the podcast intro and the outro to creating the graphics and motion graphics.

I call these branding elements and these are what you’ll be creating at this stage of the process.

Step 4: Produce and upload your launch episodes

After you’ve created your branding elements, the next step of this strategy is to produce your first podcast episodes and upload them to your youtube channel and Spotify, and Apple podcast.

Launch episodes are simply the first batch of episodes you’ll use to launch your podcast with.

I typically launch clients with 3 key episodes:

  • An intro episode where you talk about who you are, why you decided to launch the podcast, and what your fans can expect from it.
  • And the other two episodes could be a solo episode of you talking about a topic that your fans are interested in or an interview with someone that they are interested in.

The main reason I recommend launching with more than one episode is that it gives your tribe more than one episode to watch after you launch which will help with the youtube algorithm as well.

Step 5: Launch your podcast

Finally, the last step 5 of this strategy is all about launching your podcast to the world and there are a couple of ways to do this.

You could do something as simple as just publishing your launch episodes on the day of launch or launching your podcast with a competition.

Launching a competition is a fun way to get your existing followers involved and interested in your podcast, and it’s also a great way to start building your mailing list if you don’t have one already.

Got more questions?

If you have any questions about starting a client-generating podcast for your coaching business, you can either leave one in the comments below or if you prefer, book a free session with me and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have and point you in the right direction.

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