In this episode of the WellFounder podcast, we have the pleasure of chatting with Sagar Shukla, co-founder of Foresight, a groundbreaking solution for account management and client success teams.

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In this engaging conversation, Sagar shares his journey, from the initial inspiration behind Foresight to securing funding and achieving early successes.

Introducing Sagar Shukla and Foresight

Sagar’s background in enterprise software set the stage for his venture into Foresight. His journey began six years ago when he joined a FinTech startup, meeting his co-founder along the way.

His role involved implementing a CRM platform for banks, and this gave him valuable insights into the challenges companies face in understanding the value their clients receive.

This pivotal experience led to the birth of Foresight, a company focused on helping account management teams drive scalable value for their clients.

The Niche and Challenges

Selling enterprise software to banks and other large institutions is a complex endeavor. Contracts can range from tens of thousands to millions of dollars per year, making it crucial to demonstrate the value of the software.

However, translating this value can be challenging due to the multifaceted nature of the solutions provided.

Foresight set out to address this problem and ensure that clients can clearly understand the value they’re receiving.

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Expanding the Reach

While initially targeting larger enterprise companies, Foresight has also explored the SMB and mid-market segments.

Their sweet spot is companies with revenues of $5 million or more per year, selling offerings such as technical services or software.

The key is to help account management teams identify expansion opportunities and align them with clients’ business priorities.

Foresight’s solution creates a valuable map for account managers to engage effectively.

The Early Days and Finding the First Customer

The early stages of Foresight involved navigating a challenging path. Sagar and his co-founder leveraged their network and relationships to secure their first paying customer – a Nashville-based company.

Building on this initial success, they focused on developing the product, showcasing their commitment to solving the client’s needs.

This first customer not only validated their approach but also helped in securing investment for the company’s growth.

Overcoming Funding Challenges

Foresight faced its fair share of funding challenges.

It took numerous conversations with investors to find the right match, but they eventually secured funding, providing a runway for the next two years.

The belief in the team and the problem they were solving became a driving force in overcoming obstacles raised by investors.

Launching Foresight

Foresight’s launch was a gradual process, evolving from initial conversations with prospects to the development of a tangible product.

Leveraging their industry connections, Sagar and his team identified early adopters who believed in the team’s vision.

The initial sales efforts were focused on storytelling, using Excel and PowerPoint to convey the value proposition until the product was fully developed.

Expanding the Sales and Marketing Efforts

Foresight’s sales and marketing strategies have been a mix of various approaches. They revamped their website, engaged with industry communities and conferences, and partnered with organizations focused on go-to-market solutions.

Sagar mentioned the importance of curated approaches, building an audience, and exploring creative options to reach potential customers. Their recent funding will further accelerate their efforts.

A Message for Fellow Founders

Sagar’s parting advice for fellow founders is to identify their unfair advantage and leverage it. Understand what sets your team apart, tap into your network, and play to your strengths.

Belief in the team is a driving force, especially in the early stages, where the product may not yet be fully developed.

Persistence, self-reflection, and a commitment to doing whatever it takes can make a difference in the challenging startup landscape.


Sagar Shukla’s journey with Foresight is a testament to the power of persistence, leveraging advantages, and believing in your team.

The challenges faced along the way have shaped Foresight’s growth, and their commitment to solving the value communication problem for account management teams is paving the way for a promising future.

If you’re a founder, take inspiration from Foresight’s story and keep pushing forward, one step at a time. Success may be just around the corner.

Connect with Foresight

If you’re interested in learning more about Foresight or connecting with Sagar and his team, visit their website.

You can also reach out directly to Sagar via email at

Be sure to follow Foresight on LinkedIn for valuable content and updates from the co-founders.

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