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In this week’s episode, Jake Jorgovan of Creative Outbound joins me in the lounge and we talk about how he helps his clients win their dream clients.

Jake is also a fellow podcaster and the host of Working Without Pants Podcast, and he shared with me how his podcast has played a key role in helping him grow his consulting business.

He also talks about other interesting strategies, including how he sends out really interesting gifts to prospects he’s want to warm up.

Just so you know, I had so much fun in this episode and laughed so hard at times, so do pardon me, as Jake is awesome!


About Jake

Jake Jorgovan helps agencies and consultants win their dream clients. He runs an outbound marketing company and regularly blogs and podcasts at Jake-Jorgovan.com

Resources Mentioned

The Walking Without Pants Podcast

Jake’s interview with Jonathan Green from Sweet Fish Media

Jake’s Blog Post about how to grow your agency through podcast networking

Want to connect with Jake?

Check out his website: jake-jorgovan.com

His other website: www.outboundcreative.com

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Xavi is a podcast producer and specialises in producing podcasts for digital agency owners and other b2b companies.

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