I’ll take you from having an idea to being the host of a professional podcast that helps you build your authority, grow your professional network and build a highly engaged audience who can’t wait to buy your services from you.

I’ll work with you for two weeks and at the end of this, I’ll help you

  • Create a strategic plan, with clearly defined goals for your podcast that fit with your brand
  • Identify who you should interview for your show and who your target listener is.
  • Come up with a monetization strategy your for you show.
  • Choose the right equipment and tools you’ll need to record professional sounding interviews.
  • Create all the production elements of your show, including your intro and outro.
  • Design all the graphical elements of your show, including the cover art and graphics to promote each episode on your website.
  • Set up your RSS feed and submit it to iTunes, stitcher, and other directories so that your audience can download and listen to it on their smartphones.
  • I’ll work with you to record, produce and publish the first 4 episodes of your new show. (your pilot episode and 3 additional episodes.)
  • All for a sweet price of $999.


Let’s Talk About Launching Your Podcast!