4 pitfalls of running a digital agency and how to avoid them.

In this episode, I’m chatting to Simon Thompson, about generating high-quality leads from LinkedIn. This is something that I find very intriguing and seems to be picking up steam in the agency world.

Over the years, Simon has perfected a system of doing this effortlessly, and in this episode, he walks us through how he generates leads from LinkedIn and much more.

About Our Guest

A few years ago, Simon and his business partner started a content marketing agency – Content Kite, and for a number of reasons, that agency had to grow quickly. Early on, it was their only income and wasn’t funded.

They knew their stuff, but we had no case studies or referrals. They had really taken a leap of faith.

In a way, though, that was a godsend as they had to make it work. And make it work fast.

So they did. With a lot of trial and error (and hard work), they figured out a system that worked to generate new business whenever we needed it.

They still use that system to generate new business, only these days we also have the luxury of referrals.

Nowadays, their agency Content Kite runs because of people far better at their jobs than us. True experts in their fields.

It also continues to grow using the exact methods we offer with this current passion project of mine – Growth Assembly.

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