On this episode of SaaS Stories, we sat down with Alan Gleeson of Work With Agility and he walked us through a simple sales methodology that can help you sell better to your ideal buyers.

Episode length: Approx. 17 mins

One of the biggest challenges of running a SaaS Startup is actually selling your software.

You’re in a catch 22 situation really, you struggle to sell without brand recognition but you can’t get brand recognition without sales!

It doesn’t help that for many founders, their skills lie in their innovative ideas and they may never have had any sales and marketing training at all.

In this episode, Alan walks us through the key points of his simple sales methodology and hopefully, it’ll get you thinking about implementing a sales methodology for your startup if you don’t have one already!

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Who is Alan Gleeson?

Alan is a B2B SaaS marketing consultant and the founder of Work With Agility.

Through his consultancy, he aims to plug that marketing skills gap in the industry with a one-stop-shop, marketing powerhouse for startups who might be reluctant or budget-restricted when it comes to hiring a full-time marketing resource of their own.

His many years of experience in marketing have given him a solid track record of success and It was after seeing startups he worked and interacted with struggle time and time again to sell their software that Alan felt he needed to consolidate this knowledge and write an article on the subject.

An article that has gone on to prove very popular on medium.

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