3 tips to help you sell when you're busy

Bringing new business to a digital marketing agency is hard work. Bigger agencies tend to have a  team of employees that handles sales and business development. However, if you run a small agency, this role usually falls on your shoulders.

And when you’ve got other projects that need your attention, it’s easy to put sales and business development on the back burner, and this can slow down the growth of your agency.

So how do you find the time sell when you’re busy? Joel Barker has the answer.

About Our Guest

After an initial career in networking, telecommunications, and IT administration, Joel founded Word Lions (now known as Lion’s Way) in 2008. Writing about technology united his interest in the constant evolution of our world with a passion for the written word.

Joel still gets to write and conceive of content, but he is now busied by creative direction, account management, and advocating for fierce content.

What we talk about

In this episode of The Agency Lounge, Joel talks about what it means to sell when you’re busy, why it’s important to do and he shares 3 tips that can help you sell your services when you are really busy and keep the hustle going. They are:

  1. Significance
    Remind yourself why your client needs you. They have problems and they need you. Focus on what’s in it for them, not what’s in it for you.
    You’ll become better at sales, and you’ll be happier doing it.
  2. Service
    Adopt a posture of generosity. Respect their time and deliver value with every interaction. Remind yourself that you aren’t asking for money. You’re offering help to people who need it.
  3. Sympathy
    Develop a practice of constantly putting yourself in your client’s shoes. Bring sympathy to every interaction. The better you understand them, the more you can deliver what they need. Build relationships on a solid foundation of sympathy. Your relationships will be longer lasting and more valuable.

In summary

From our chat with Joel, it is clear that learning how to sell when you’re busy keeps your agency’s sales pipeline full prevents you from starving in future, and with these tips, you can create a system for your agency that allows you to do just that.

Got a tip that can help us sell when busy? Let us know in the comments below.

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