Have you ever wondered why some founders struggle to achieve their desired marketing results while others seem to effortlessly attract their target audience?

In this episode of the WellFounder podcast, we sit down with Stephanie Melodia, a renowned marketing expert and founder of a successful marketing agency, Bloom, to uncover the top 3 marketing mistakes that founders often make and, more importantly, learn how to avoid them.

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About our guest

Stephanie is the CEO of the award-winning marketing agency, Bloom, which she founded before the age of 30. Bloom’s innovative marketing work has been featured in prestigious publications like Forbes, Sifted, and The Independent, with Bloom’s tech scale-up clients ranking among the Top 5 Startups in the country.

Stephanie expertly steered her six-figure business through the challenges of the global pandemic, while continuing to support entrepreneurs through her podcast and by connecting underserved founders with venture capital investment opportunities.

She is also a passionate advocate for modern feminism and actively promotes gender equality through male allyship.

Today, Stephanie leverages her extensive experience to help ambitious founders scale their technology businesses, offering a unique perspective on the world of early-stage, high-growth enterprises and a refreshing approach to closing the gender gap in diversity and inclusion.

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